Distressing shortage of education inspectors in region Tanger-Asilah

Some schools have seen as many as 10 years education inspector!

In the region Tanger-Asilah, there is much to be gained when it comes to improving education. Recently, research by both the Ministry of education as by the Moroccan medium Akhbar Al Yaoum found that there is an alarming shortage of education inspectors. On 5000 teachers in total, only 35 inspectors are put the past few years, as a result, different educational institutions for 10 years have had no education inspector over the floor.

The deficit is among the more by the conclusion of the training centre for the inspectors. For both basic education and secondary education, there was over the years an ever lower occupancy. One of the adverse consequences, apart from checking the standard laws and regulations, is that not all teachers in the region are aware of the latest developments in education.

This point is also high on the agenda when it comes to drawing up the priorities for the period 2015-2030. According to the medium are already the necessary preparations for affected.