Moroccan police officers get new uniform

Moroccan police agents will from Wednesday officially their new uniforms.

During the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Moroccan police (last May), introduced the Directorate of national security (DGSN) the new uniform, noting that the more modern, practical and in accordance with the standards of the DGSN will be.
Al Massae brought this news and quoted a official source: "The DGSN supplied the agents their new uniforms in coordination with the administrative departments of the police across Morocco". Al Massae noted that the new uniforms more than 40 million dirham fee.This update follows the strategy and vision of the head of the DGSN, Abdellatif Ha, the image and to improve the effectiveness of the Moroccan police.
Since his appointment by King Mohammed VI in 2015, Ha a lot of changes in the police sector. He managed to a strategic plan for the maintenance of peace and security in the country and has introduced many reforms which aim to improve the performance of the Moroccan police.

The DGSN recently renewed and reinforced the fleet of the police with a new logo and a new design and colors, in order to draw the attention of the citizens.