Belgian radio station: ' Morocco number one tourist destination in Africa '

And not just the Belgian radio station comes with such beautiful figures for Morocco's tourism sector!

The numbers do not lie, multiple instances, channels and surveys have shown that tourism in Morocco in recent years has become a booming business. Among other things, the Belgian radio station RTBF came to this conclusion, the country would be the most popular of all in Africa. To the end of november would be no less than 5.8 billion are binnengehengeld in the sector that is most visited Morocco last calendar year.

Also calls the radio station and that is also confirmed by the channel CNN that Marrakech is one of the most popular cities of the country is and that it's the best ' street food ' of the world in 2016. The international channel National Geographic was classified the country as seventh Global for the countries you visited should have in 2017, Tripadvisor did added and placed the country on the third place worldwide.

The Director General of the National Tourist Board, Abderrafie Zouitene, let this popularity back in numbers. Opposite the sheet Inspirations Eco he says the following: ' a few years ago we received only about 1,000 tourists from China each month, this number has risen to 6,000.

That Morocco doing so well in this sector is due to the way that it has embarked on the construction of hotels. Currently there are no less than 52 projects for new locations.

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