Record number of new cars sold last year in Morocco

Up to 25% more sales than in the previous year!

Also in the market for sales of new cars last year Morocco has shown growth. There would be no less than 163,110 new vehicles are sold, this opposite 30,000 less in 2015, this made the authority about the import (AIVAM) recently known.

The exact number of vehicles sold to individuals amounts to 152,324, in addition there are another 10,786 imported by importers who are still in the circulation. Dacia realized the largest sales in terms of brands, from that brand over 42,279 by done by hand. The second best scoring manufacturer was Renault, they shared for more than 27% in the total sales result. With some brands in between was Ford the manufacturer with the lowest sales, the American brand with 9.5% in the total sales was the lowest scoring.

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