Mistress arrested in case found dead Police Commissioner Rabat

A case with a breath of it.

In the capital of Morocco, Rabat, a now-retired Police Commissioner was recently found dead at home. The conditions in which the body of the victim wrong be on death by asphyxiation. Meanwhile, a female suspect arrested, reports the Moroccan medium Assabah, she would have been the mistress of the man.

After some brief research of the recherche, through his wife, one could find the phone of the man. From call data revealed that he last had contact with one mobile number, this number turned out to have been his mistress.

Having regard to the fact that there is a plastic bag to the man's head was wrapped, choking one of the possible causes of death. However, from the story of the suspect emerged that the man suffered from heart disease, stroke and so came to an end. He seen in the company of his girlfriend was, they became panicked and tried in this way to get rid of the corpse.

It is not clear yet why they had chosen to do a plastic bag. The case is still subject to an in-depth scrutiny.