Man sentenced to 20 years in prison in sale after apparent terrorist act on tourist

Terrorism criminal justice had to get involved in this case.

As many as twenty years in prison, the verdict against the man who in the area of sale, in the town of Tata, a tourist with acid wanted to maim. The judge lifted so heavily to his act that he got charged with multiple charges. The High Court in sale ruled as to the brutality of the Act, it would even traits of a terrorist act.

In april of last calendar year, the gendarmerie of Tata to arrest the man after he tried to maim a tourist, nationality not published, with an acidic substance. The man's motive is still unclear just as there can be question why the Act has been given the stamp of terror. For the time being, not published or the man was part of a terreurcel and/or a certain ideology he adhered.

According to the Moroccan news agency MAP was an attempted and kept the victim no more than fright.