Le Monde places Marrakech in top-20 places to visit in 2017

Marrakech's attraction as a holiday destination is confirmed by more and more blades.

After The New York Times and many other leading magazines and media now does Le Monde de name of Marrakech. The French media recently released a top-20 for the places you visited should have in 2017. It was thus also the ' red city ' in included along with numerous other places as Oman, places in Colombia and Zimbabwe.

One of the positive points that were mentioned by Le Monde was the fact that the airport of Marrakech, Menara, there since the COP22-a new terminal at Congress climate. This was the accessibility of the already popular holiday destination even more.

Air France recently did another statement that the possible plan is no less than three times a week to work the Roissy-line Marrakech.

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