Travel guide Lonely Planet takes first steps on halal market

Lonely Planet, the world's largest travel guide Publisher has sights set on Halal tourism.

For the first time, the company has the latest Guide "Oman, United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula ", released in the beginning of the hadj in 2016 with a separate section on the pilgrimage. Want to She likes to meet and also all travellers hopes the pilgrims a service being able to prove with their travel guides.

In the chapter on the pilgrimage are practical advice about topics such as the pilgrimage, health, safety and the visa requirement. As well as a day to day overview of the Hajj and reviews of hotels, restaurants and important historical and educational attractions. This part of the guide is written by Islamic researchers.

Furthermore, the Guide also a map of Mecca with a detailed floor plan Masjid al Haram. Lonely Planet believes that this is not just interesting is for Muslims but also for the non-Muslims. With more than 120 million of books in eleven languages on their name they hope with this unique guide the Muslim traveler of service to you when planning their trip.

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