Muslims, Jews and Christians gathered in church to emphasize brotherhood to Mohammedia

Hundreds of believers met each other last Sunday.

From the initiative of the Organization Marocains Pluriels believers from Christianity, Islam and Judaism together Sunday night at the Church Saint-Jacques in Mohammedia.

The aim of the meeting was to emphasize the equality of the faith groups. Especially in this uncertain time in which war and terror the news saw the Organization of colors Marocains Pluriel the need for such a meeting.

Ahmed Ghayet, President of the organization said the following about this against the Moroccan news agency MAP: "we want to show that it is in Morocco goes well and that it among other things through the efforts of King Mohamed VI is possible that these faith groups in peace In addition to and can live with each other ". Adding that it a message of peace, brotherhood and tolerance.

During the encounter was also used the occasion to work together to reflect on the death of King Hassan II, now 18 years ago.