Qatar International Islamic Bank may get started in Morocco

These and possibly other foreign Islamic banks are going to open their doors.

Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) is now a fact in Morocco. The Institute recently received permission from Morocco's national bank, bank Al Maghrib, to offer its services in the country. QIIB is not just a financial institution, it is namely the number three largest bank in the Gulf countries.

QIIB let this know recently through a press release on its official website. The bank will now go through life as a joint venture with the Moroccan bank CIH Bank (Crédit Immobilier et Hôtelier). For this is by the bank itself and Morocco's central bank chosen to slowly grow in the Moroccan financial system. This system also serves as a means for Bank Al Maghrib to more focused monitoring.

Was previously published in the Moroccan media that there may be yet another Islamic bank from the Gulf countries will soon open its doors in Morocco. It was going to be the Baraka Bank from Bahrain. In the first six months of this calendar year will be the first steps to be taken.