Attack Tétouan by Daesh sympathizer foiled by security service BNPJ

In a very remarkable way wanted the suspect CDs.

According to the Moroccan medium Assabah there recently by security service BNPJ a very separate attack foiled. The suspect is a Moroccan citizen from Tétouan in the area of the city, Oued Laou to be exact, was detained. With the arrest, the security service right away also behind one of the latest methods of terrorist organization Daesh.

Through research via the internet, monitoring groups that have warm feelings for Daesh, was thus one of the suspects to pinpoint. When it was going to do after the arrest search warrant found members of the BNPJ material that indicates a new technique: explosives hidden in shoes. Various instructional videos by Daesh, weapons, materials, and paramilitary equipment formed the evidence against the man. On top of that, it was known that the man had tried several times to make the corridor to Syria and Iraq.

The service is currently still in research and trial to be able to detect any possible other sympathizers on following this arrest.

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