Historical centre for national resistance and independence opened in Rabat

The Center is to honor all sacrifices are brought there for Morocco.

Yesterday, in the presence of, among others, the Prime Minister of Morocco, Adnan Baby, the historical centre to the resistance and independence opened in the capital Rabat. At the opening were some ex-politicians and also the spokesman for the Royal House. Beyond the fact that all documents associated with these historical events were well preserved in archives, there was such a centre not yet in the country.

Baby then also stressed how crucial it is that we need to display this part of Moroccan history. In front of the Moroccan news agency MAP he said here: "This Centre will fulfill two functions: firstly, honoring the victims that there are cases, the people who have fought for the independence and freedom of Morocco. The second feature is that there should be one place where we historically such documents, archives et cetera available to the citizen. I appeal to everyone to study this part of history ".

To the collection of the Centre all the way to complete one has decided to recover documents and data from different countries to Morocco. This will go in three stages: In the first step will go hard for Russia and France respectively, data from Spain. Then one will go visit Turkey and finally there will be archives in Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Germany among others.

The matters that can be admired in the Centre are from 1886 until 1956.