Eight women in Ain Sebaa complaining man for rape

The man meeting strip itself to, inter alia, to women who already worked in prostitution were or runaway from home.

In Ain Sebaa is there a big case recently started following the Declaration of one wife. The lady who complained came from the local authorities do against a man who would have raped her, was not a matter which in itself. It soon became apparent that the suspect themselves to other seven women had meeting bars, most of which was working in prostitution or night clubs or had run away from home.

According to the Moroccan medium Assabah he would have invited them, under false pretenses, at home. From the declarations of the women show that they came to ' work '. With one of the women he would have come to a compromise solution, he would have offered an x amount of money if they do not, however, went to the authorities, the victim in question is not in on this offer.

The case is currently still under investigation, according to Assabah.

ain sebaa