Africa Cup's coming, an overview of everything you need to know about Morocco

Though less excited when we first were, but we should look forward to 't African tournament again soon.

Many had there may just be something else from expected, the run-up to the African Nations Cup. The deception was actually all to taste, both in Europe and in Morocco, when it was announced that Hakim Ziyech from the preselection for the tournament was let. Reason for this was on the one hand the luxury problem what existed on the number ten position and, on the other hand, the finding of the Federal coach that Ziyech is someone who can deal with a place on the reserve bank.

The developments of the past few weeks have taught us that there is more to it. Despite the four opt-outs because of injuries, of not the least players, the Frenchman failed to appeal to the Ajax midfielder and that was not because of his statistics at Morocco (5 goals from 9 caps). Where we first thought that the publication of the preselection was delayed because Faouazi Lekjaa, President of the League, had put a stop to it now appears all of a sudden not to be the case. The preses was today opposite El Botola from about his role within the selection policy. Lekjaa would be like going to the first team have no influence if the players select.

' It is only the Federal coach who is in contact with all players. In both the matches as on the training camps and everything around it. He knows the players through and through. To this I give to behind the choices of Hervé Renard, he is the one who has the final responsibility, ' says Lekjaa.

Nevertheless, there was still no man overboard. Renard had in the past with Zambia proven also with less players to unexpected material successes. However did the exhibition game against Finland's note, otherwise suspect. Morocco had the ball possession contest won, however one could big question the featured game, finalizing the coaching role of the national coach along the lateral line. Other than what we know him by his bouts at Sochaux, Lille, Ivory Coast and Zambia was Renard there and he looked at it.

However, judge us only fairly as the final whistle is given in just over two weeks in the last group match against Ivory Coast. With fresh courage, despite the zeperd against Finland, traveled yesterday off the selection to the country where the tournament will take place. Case is now to at least to get through the group stage, something us the latest editions has proved too difficult.

16 January at 20:00 uk time: Morocco-Congo DR(aired on FOX Sports 2)
20 January at 20:00 uk time: Morocco-Togo(aired on FOX Sports 2)
24 January at 20:00 uk time: Morocco-Ivory Coast(aired on FOX Sports 2)
* for those who don't have FOX Sports subscription, the tournament is also broadcast on beIN Sports.

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