New police uniforms in Morocco are 40% cheaper than the old

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) has clarified the cost of the new uniforms. Total costs the new 40% less in comparison with the old outfits.

The cost of the new police uniforms decreased by 37% in comparison with the old and with 40% if the accessories are included. This is what the Directorate-General of national security (DGSN) has just specified in response to speculation about the cost of these uniforms that since yesterday (11 January).The DGSN, which indicates transparent Act, gives even a few small details about the cost of surgery, reports Lefr360.The fabric used cost less than 43%, the shirts (summer and winter) are 38% cheaper, the pants and jacket saw their costs fall by 12%.The biggest saving was made on the cost of the motorcycle uniforms by as much as 73%, while the shoes are reduced by 19.5% in price.The DGSN indicates that these uniforms meet international standards and, in addition to comfort, the police men and women let their tasks run in better conditions.Finally, the DGSN out that this is the first major change of the Police uniforms, and that during a previous change in March 1995 only the color and some minor details changed.