Forbes: salary in Morocco women as opposed to men best in the world

A higher salary for women after completing study than the men!

In the magazine Forbes business magazine from the United States, was recently an interesting interview about the salary which women can collect in comparison with that of men. The research which was carried out by the Office showed a very positive Global Universe about Morocco. Namely that the country is where the chance is greatest that women after the completion of their training can earn more than men.

The top four that Universe Global the investigation got was successively Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam and Nigeria. On the basis of the difference between man and woman each earned dollar is plain to see that the North African country just better scores than the other countries in the top three. Below the overview:

1. Morocco: ($ 1.03 for the woman in contrast to the $1 for the man)
2. UAE:($ 0.99 for the woman in contrast to the $1 for the man)
3. Viet Nam:($ 0.97 for the woman in contrast to the $1 for the man)
4. Nigeria:(0.94 dollars for women in contrast to the $1 for the man)

While the last three men earn more but the difference is minimal, the Moroccan woman (average) 3 cents more per dollar than the man. Despite this, there is also a side note on these results. In Morocco is only 27% of the women employed, in the Emirates is the percentage higher: 42%. The lesser position in the labour market so overwhelmed the difference in salary.