Balkan, Sinouh and Ball with a critical eye over the Moroccan national football team

Just as many also predict they do not bode well for Morocco in the African Nations Cup.

The are household names in Dutch-Moroccan football landscape: Khalid Sinouh, Ali Boussaboun and Nourdin Boukhari. All three ' football retired ' and with the African Nations Cup in the prospect handle Takatsu Gamage of the Algemeen Dagblad the opportunity to extensively with them in conversation to go on many subjects on the Moroccan football. The topics that the majority of discussion were their experiences with the working method of the Moroccan Football Federation, the upcoming African Nations Cup and future expectation for the Moroccan national team.

All three have been active for the first team, the one more than the other, is the triad there unanimously agreed that the international from Netherlands less chance with the national team. Boukhari Morocco in 2002 with the African Cup played here so over from, loneliness was even feel during his stay with the selection: ' I was only approached by Nouredinne Naybet. I never felt so lonely as when in Mali. Like I two weeks in the Schie (prison in Rotterdam, ed.). '

Sinouh (former goalkeeper and 4-way international) comes up with an even more interesting point, there might even be discrimination: ' you just as berber discriminated against in their own country. No, that is not a victim role assume, it's just an observation. ' Balkan does added insult to injury by the following experience to share: ' I got during matches and also during the training often not the ball of my fellow players. Jealousy. They see you as those Dutchman. '

' Save ', The Dutch School should Morocco continues Sinouh. ' In Netherlands is there with the youth soccer called a solid foundation. " Boukhari interrupts him: ' how many youth academies have at Moroccan professional clubs? ' Sinouh: ' In a city like Tanger you have five football fields. Five! And Tangier has almost a million inhabitants. Look how many football fields there in Amsterdam. ' Ball: ' build In Morocco they prefer houses, they can earn money on. '

Triad is unanimously agree on one thing, the Administration in Morocco has no stable character. ' When, for example, our playing style? Now that more changes with the arrival of a new manager and has had a lot of Morocco. They take only a coach, because he is successful. It is gone with Renard. He's only appointed because he had success with Zambia and Côte d'Ivoire. But he had other countries at those type of players. Watch how Germany did it. When it went bad, they have upset the whole system from the youth. But yes, the Moroccan Football Federation is no football sense. '

Something many Moroccan supporter and enthusiast immensely disturbed ignoring Ajax's divide disk on the midfield, Hakim Ziyech. Similarly the interviewee three: Ball: ' why would you do such a good player at home? There must be something bad. That can not be otherwise. ' Sinouh: ' he calls players on from the second division of Germany and France. It seems as if Renard Dai to sabotaging. He does his best to to be fired. Renard has won the African Cup with Zambia and Côte d'Ivoire. Now he sees in Morocco with no chance that he makes. He tried against Finland last Monday-so a week before the first African Cup-Morocco-yet another contest system. '

About the opportunities perspective of Morocco on the continental tournament run realism the overtone: Ball: ' Sorry, but I'm going to give people false hope. If Ziyech had been there, then Morocco had called the quarter-final. ' Balkan adds: ' Ziyech The turmoil around the team also has done any good. ' Sinouh: ' it would be quite a feat if Morocco the second round picks. '

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