Arrival Atlas Lions in Gabon in picture (video)

Just two days and we are looking forward to it!

The selection of the Moroccan national football team has been her first group training in Gabon. Under the best of circumstances, full private flight, Hervé Renard's men travelled to the African country and a domestic flight on the program stood out to play city of Oyem.

Monday the first confrontation with DR Congo in this prestigious tournament. The contest will be led by arbitrator Hamada Nampiandraza (Madagascar) from Madagascar, no stranger referee for the Moroccan national team. He whistled not so long ago the World Cup qualifier against Gabon (ed. 0-0 tie), during the Africa Cup-Edition of 2012 he also led the game between Morocco and Niger.

The media Department of the League put this trip stuck in video below: [video = youtube; hnhT1E3mrOY] v = hnhT1E3mrOY [/video]

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