Balende Ziyech: ' you will for your country come true, if unfortunately not acceptable '

Playmaker fed up huge by most remarkable choice of the national coach.

The selection is currently in Gabon and has his first group training on foreign soils there again. That Hakim Ziyech not there is just will not get used to it, so difficult was it also for the Ajax midfielder to join the situation. Regardless of the injury wave that after ignoring Ziyech occurred, saw the need to still keuzeheer Renard not to rely on the international with nine caps and five goals. In front of the cameras of Ajax TV let the player briefly about missing of the continental tournament.

"You will for your country come true, unfortunately, should it not to be. Then you simply continue, the Convert button, go ahead and pick from so many "your motivation. When asked if that was tough says the midfielder: "it does have a couple of days time, lucky it was at the beginning of the holiday and I have so still the days can enjoy. Then it was the button to and it is now important to concentrate on what is to come ".

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