New arrest in case Martina Fair

The number of arrests in this case has recently risen to 12 people. The last suspect was at the origin of the beginning of the gruesome death of the fishmonger.

The number of prosecutions in Mehmood the case Fair is Thursday increased from 11 to 12 people. The judicial police that investigates this matter has a new suspect arrested and this suspect is seen by many as the "killer" by Baber Fikri, because he was the one who had pressed the button allowing the garbage truck began to "grind", reports Assabah today.According to the newspaper the new suspect is a famous fishmonger in the city. He was one of the people that Mehmood Fikri supported, so that the goods would not be destroyed. Police suspect that he is the cause of starting grinding the garbage truck, but that he did not intentionally pressed the on button.

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