No less than 3.5 billion dirham to investments in region Casablanca-Settat

A billions of investment over the coming period in the region Casablanca-Settat.

The regional investment Committee (RIC) recently held two important meeting on granting a large amount for the region Casablanca-Settat. These include various places including Berrechid, Mohammedia, Sidi Bennour, Hay Hassani and Sidi Bernoussi. There is talk of a total amount of 3.5 billion dirham, this amount will then benefit various projects that have more investment should stir up but most importantly, the creation of jobs.

About 26% of the amount will be given to industrial activities (around 900 million dirham), it is expected a creation of about 900 jobs. The remaining amount will be used for various projects most of which have sustainability as a starting point.

Also an important sector is tourism, 14.4% of the total sum will be allocated for this purpose. Earlier investments had already shown that labour demand soared, so supplied the building of a hotel in Ain Choq place for as many as 400 employees. the Commission led by the wali of the region, Khalid Safir, believes that investment in these v lacquers for more economic progress going in the long term, thus Moroccoworldnews.