China is building a theme park in order to attract Muslim tourists from around the world

China is building a theme park in the city of Yinchuan, 1000 km west of the capital. China hopes that this project is a tourist resort for Muslims from all over the world.

Government leaders also want the negative view of Muslims in China change. The country also wants its international relations with the Arab World improve.

The theme park will consist of a mosque-like-looking Golden Palace, hotels, a Conference Centre and with Arab street names and road signs. Visitors can get acquainted with the ethnic culture of the Hui minority. The Hui Chinese, unlike most other Chinese, the Islamic faith.  The more than ten million Hui are ethnic related to Han Chinese, but are descended from Chinese from the East that Arabs are converted to islam.

Park visitors are invited to take off their shoes and women can If desired, a head scarf. The Hui Culture park is part of the extensive project World Muslim city, whose construction started in 2012 and that in 2020 should be ready.

The amusement park is to ordinary Chinese with to introduce Islam in a way as the Chinese Government that like to see: as a peace-loving and orderly religion in the people's Republic of which is loyal to the State and the party.

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