Training anti-terror for members Moroccan gendarmerie in United States

Morocco set sail in its fight against terrorism and organised crime.

The Moroccan gendarmerie put a good step in the direction of setting up new special units. The Moroccan medium Assabah announced that there are members of the gendarmerie have been sent to army bases in the United States. Here they would get training in methods and techniques against terror. Goal is to special units that Morocco already has, the BCIJ and the GSIGR (counter-terrorism unit), to strengthen and, where possible, to increase the capacity in the number of units.

It would reportedly going to training with a military twist. Both maritime as ground troops by this training enriched in their knowledge and expertise in the fight against terrorism and organised crime. The end goal is to such units to go work for the protections of very sensitive points and at major calamities that threaten the safety of the Moroccan citizen.

It still not disclosed how big the group is coming to the United States.

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