CIA boss: Trump must watch his words

CIA Director John Brennan has Donald Trump called on Sunday as president well on his words to look for. "Spontaneity is nothing something that protects national security interests", warned Brennan in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

According to the CIA-boss, who soon leaves, should Trump in his mind that his statements may have major consequences for his country. "It's all about more than Mr. Trump. It revolves around the United States of America ", judged Brennan.

The next president has a strained relationship with the intelligence community, which, according to him, should never allow ' fake news ' leaked from a report about potentially incriminating information that the Russians have about him. Thereupon asked Trump on Twitter wondering if he sometimes lived in Nazi Germany.

That statement fell bad when Brennan, who Sunday said offended. It asks also questioned what message it to the rest of the world as he communicates his own Trump intelligence services do not trust.