School bus driver Casablanca abused two homeless girls in employee's car

Whole note someone who blatantly by school-age children.

Casablanca has been recently rocked by a brutal rape of two homeless girls by three men. One of those men was a driver for the transportation of school children. When his service, reports the Moroccan medium Assabah, he spoke with two friends off in his work vehicle in the city. Along the way they came along the park towards Yasmina where they found the two girls, age unknown, with a friend of them.

The story goes that they were trying to decorate them and then the girls they refused heavy handed in were pulled. The friend who accompanied saw them briefly to how the three men meeting strips to the girls and betastten them in different ways and stripped them of their honour. Coincidentally there was not very far from the bus a police car that assisted in a traffic accident. The boy alerted the authorities who in turn right in action.

The three men were caught in the Act, it is known that the driver has already been transferred to the prison in Manikandan.

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