Morocco on fifth spot in Facebookgebruik in Africa: 13 million users

Clear figures on the Facebookgebruik in Morocco.

Recently did the survey company Medianet research into the use of Facebook on the African continent. What emerges: Morocco takes the fifth place in continental and finds itself above South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria and successively the number one Egypt finally. Figures show that over 39% of Moroccans Facebook used in his/her everyday life, representing some 13.9 million users across the country.

In terms of age structure makes the Group of 18-24 the most use of the social medium, about 39%. The age group thereafter, 25-34, 28% of the whole.

There is also looked at the difference between man and woman in use: 65% men and only 35% women. In addition to the use of, for example, Facebook has Medianet instagram and Twitter in map. As a result, shows that these applications seem to be emerging.