CAN lack of sleep by 2017: hotels Moroccan fans in tents

For the first time in the history of the Africa Cup sleep the Moroccan fans not in hotels but in tents.

The Moroccan supporters could not find more hotel to stay and it took the intervention of the Ambassador of Morocco in order for them to find shelter. The Ambassador built a tent camp!It was expected that there are flaws in the Organization of the African Cup in Gabon. There was a confused political situation and, in particular, delays in the construction of the stadiums. The city of Oyem, where Morocco will play, had to suffer the most under here. Next to the stadium, where still under way, and a terrible empty press room, was another more serious problem that there is not enough accommodation for the supporters was.The few hotels in the city of Oyem are all vol. and there seemed to be no other way to find than under the stars to sleep in the open air. Happy Moroccans always particularly creative and they were supported by the Moroccan Ambassador to Gabon.

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