Agadir: truck accident had no permission to drive on that road

The company, which owns the truck that was involved in the fatal accident near Agadir last week, had no permission to this particular truck on the road. They have reportedly interfered with the documents.

Al Massae today reports that the fatal accident in Amskroud, near Agadir, where 11 deaths and dozens of injuries, gets a new twist in the light of recent information. This deadly accident at a truck and a bus collided on each other, and then the bus caught fire. It now appears that not only the driver is not the necessary permits had to with this truck on the road to go, but that the company had not.According to the data collected, the newspaper had no permission to the highway on the truck, and even to a national road. According to the "Gray card", examined by the services concerned, it was going to be a "semi trailer" and the truck exceeded the allowable norm in both weight and size.The newspaper also adds that the company handed over documents the authorities of another truck to try to deceive the authorities.