Lax Renard: ' not over yet, we must stand against the Ivory Coast '

Renard was not nearly as fanatical down the line as we know it.

It is the day after after the hopelessly lost showdown with DR Congo. Where one initially thought, if you had seen the beginning of the first half, that Morocco would pull the profit to itself was true. For the umpteenth time on an African final round failed the Lions of the Atlas to the tournament with a first win. The national coach who previously surprisingly Zambia and later reigning champion Ivory Coast to the title, was last night no shadow of the coach as we know him.

His involvement along the line was limited to a number of times, from what we were given through the cameras, give instructions and for the rest hung against the dug-out to the Frenchman. Also surprising was to see how coldly he responded in the first interview after the match, smiling, he set the game apart. In the press conference, however, the trainer tried to lay a finger on the sore spots of Morocco.

"I think we started very well in the competition, Morocco was seen throughout the first half the parent party. We loved doing well, DR Congo a team where you normally but hard makes it's way through. However, with or without the US failed to effectiveness against goal we were not in a position to make them actually catch them off guard. In this tournament you should never give up hope. Case now is against Côte d'Ivoire under the best possible conditions for the day to come. '

Table Group C:
1. DR Congo3 points
2. Ivory Coast1 point
3. Togo1 point
4.Morocco 0 points

Upcoming Friday may Morocco will return the favour in future. Against Togo, the country where we previously with 2-1 in Marrakech of won (exhibition game), it is only the profit that counts. Depending on what DR Congo and Ivory Coast are going to do between themselves would be very good that paved the way to the knockout stage for the Atlas Lions. There are as yet no injuries communicated by the Moroccan Football Federation. What is known is that the grandfather of Wolverhampton midfielder Romain Saiss died today. Despite the sad news, he has nevertheless decided to stay in the selection, Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji3oun.

As said Friday wait Togo, to 20:00 uk time on FOX Sports 2.

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