Parents students Moroccan Gülenscholen steps to right

The parents of the students let the put and take legal action.

It was recently announced that the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior had decided to all branches of the Mohamed Al-Fatih school group, linked to Fethullah Gülen, to close for failure to comply with the national laws for education. Now is known, according to the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia, that this decision is bad cases when the parents of the pupils concerned.

Both the parents go against the authorities and against the directors of the schools in job. The authorities due to the fact that the school year of their children greatly disturbed by the moment when the decision is taken. In the middle of the year it would not do to follow their children elsewhere education without being delayed. Against the Board of the Mohamed Al-Fatih school group will be filed a charge of scams, what are the exact reasons for here is not yet known.

The schools had been given one month from 5 January of the Ministry in order to close their doors.