Houthi family-use ship Moroccan shipowner for cocaine and arms rebels transport

The shipowner was thwarted by a self appointed captain.

Businessman and owner Mohammed Oulahcen recently made something very special with it. The man whose company transports by sea provides for various clients recently refused a cooperation with one cousin Hatim Al Houtaimi, a great businessman in Yemen. Of him is known to openly support the Houthi family-rebels in the country, both financially and politically. The refusal came already Houtaimi on an unpleasant surprise.

According to the Moroccan medium Assabah became one of its transports for very different purposes. Oulahcen suggested a Turkish captain to for transporting a large quantity of goods of the Comoros Islands to Casablanca. However it turned out that Captain to have very different plans. The story goes that the ship was used for weapon and cocaine transport for the Houthi family-rebels.

Immediately retired the businessman reached to his contacts in the authorities, in the Ministry of Justice. The ship was later left in a port in Nigeria. Known is that there is weapons and a quantity of cocaine to Yemen are transported with the vessel.

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