Inauguration security costs over 100 million

The cost for the security of the inauguration of the elected American president Donald Trump exceed the 100 million dollars this coming Friday (more than 93 million euros). CNN Wednesday that has quantified. And that are not the only interesting numbers.

It is expected that Friday more than 900,000 people want to be present at the inauguration. A total of 100 blocks are closed to auto traffic in an attempt to the security of the ceremony, the festivities surrounding it and to secure the various demonstrations. To make that possible are more than 28,000 members of the U.S. secret service, the Transportation Security Council, the FBI, the police, the coast guard and the forest.

According to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, there is no "specific, credible threat". Johnson said that the focus is mainly on "individual acts of violent extremism" and on people who have been radicalized. France and Germany have recently hit by attacks, committed by such figures. To prevent this are garbage trucks and buses at strategic locations to put down as large pedestrian movements are to be avoided.

It is estimated that approximately one hundred groups around the inauguration to go demonstrate in Washington at the weekend, some for, others against Trump. So is there a women's March in Washington which is expected to be 200,000 sympathizers can pull. Because the weather is very mild for the time of year, many groups from a large turnout.

People who have a ticket for the ceremony must not just take. There is a list of prohibited items, such as firearms, 40 balloons, drums and selfie sticks. To prevent anyone still takes such an article must present by a checkpoint. There is special attention for drones, which in the past were hanging above the White House twice already. The sky has always been strictly regulated, but the restrictions are tightened up again in the next few days.