Number of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco increased by 10% in 2016

The number of Scandinavian tourists who visited Morocco in 2016 rose by 10 percent, said a delegation from the Moroccan Office for tourism (ONMT) charged with the Scandinavian and Baltic States.

Approximately 98,000 tourists from the Nordic region visited the Kingdom in the past year, said in an interview with regional director Aziz ONMT Madrigal folder.The number of tourists from Denmark increased by 27 percent, and that from Sweden and Norway increased by 6 percent, said Madrigal. He pointed out that nearly 87,000 reminiscent Scandinavian nationals in Morocco stayed in 2015. The rising trend of recent years continues to hopefully also continue next year so that the number of above the 100,000 tourists will come out. In 2009 there were 50,000 Nordic nationals visiting the Kingdom, he said finally.