Moroccan Football Federation President: ' Bond and team have given everything '

After several days of radio silence also leaves Lekjaa.

Faouzi Lekjaa ditch something later on to the selection. The President of the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF let himself yesterday in an interview with the Al Mountakhab medium on the State of affairs after the zeperd last Monday (ed. 1-0 loss against DR Cong). The official stressed there as bond being everything to have done to the most desirable to create conditions for the team. He refers to this especially on facilities management; preparation, hotel accommodations, flight et cetera.

When it comes to the performance of the Atlas Lions will let Lekjaa quite sober. He claims that the Moroccan team rivals to other teams at the tournament. ' Clearly was to see that the team has given everything from the first minute. If we look at the other group matches we see that not only has the tricky Morocco. '

' What me after this match has been noticed is that the team there now doing everything to return the favour in future. Consciousness is bigger and the will to defend the colors of the country has also increased. They are now living with the prospect that there is a second and third game. The only thing we can do now is showing. '

Finally, Lekjaa also seized the opportunity to Wolverhampton midfielder Romain Saiss condolences, he recently lost his grandfather. ' This is for me a good time to names the bond Saiss and his nearest and dearest condolences. His grandfather died today at 20:00 in the evening, less than two minutes after he gave in to the selection. And as you can see he runs along with the team. '

Below the full interview (Arabic spoken): [video = youtube; C_PqZSGJp1g] v = C_PqZSGJp1g [/video]

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