Lange Frans and Sigrid Taban in Morocco

For the third installment of the program ' the most dangerous roads of the world ' traveled Long French and Penoza-actress Sigrid t r off to Morocco.

In five days time drove the duo from Marrakech to Lalla Takeroust. The NPO gave a description of the trip:
The Khaled begins in Marrakech. Through the Moroccan mountains, our duo today to Ouarzazate. The city is also known as the "Hollywood of Morocco '. This is because the photogenic location is perfect to be used as the backdrop for shows such as Game of Thrones.En route stop Sigrid and French for lunch. On the menu? Lamb of course. Because they not only in Morocco count sheep. They eat daily whole herds on. vleestelijk times the filled stomachs after a drive on. The TomTom have them thanks to Sigrid not necessary. But before they reach their destination, enjoying the first two of a sultry sunset.After rain comes sunshine comes after high mountains and desert. To achieve must Sigrid and French first to Zagora. The gateway to the Sahara. A prepared forearmed, so French would first found a Moroccan dress score. The tip against heat and flying sand.