Women protest worldwide at Trump

Thousands of women took to the streets Saturday in several countries to demonstrate against the new American president Donald Trump. According to the organization behind the protest are world-wide about 670 protest marches planned.

Some protesters fear that Trump has little respect for women or sexual minorities. Others denounce the condescending comments by the president about immigrants and Muslims.

The European marches took place in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Geneva. Also in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand went thousands of women to the streets. The largest protest March is expected to take place in Washington. There are hundreds of thousands of people expected.

The new president is dogged by allegations of sexual assault for quite some time and alleged misogynistic statements. As leaked during the elections a recording on which Trump seemed to say that you like celebrity can get away with sexual assault. "You can grab them at the cat, you can do anything," said Trump.

womens march