King Mohamed VI helps thousands of Moroccans this cold time by

As every year, almost be the Moroccans in inhospitable areas.

Thousands of Moroccans can already since november account on the actions that partly by King Mohamed VI. These are mainly the residents of inhospitable areas, especially in the mountains, those means fall short for this cold winter months. Recently by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior was a press release that all measures. These are among other things in cooperation with the Fund of the King, ' Fondation Mohammed V pour la solidarité ', performed.

It is known that about 10,000 citizens by recent relief operations have basic needs as clothing, food, drinks and plenty of blankets. In addition, all over the country the capacity to provide medical help to more than 57,500 citizens, by means of caravans and emergency hospitals. In addition, 66 are also roads free from snow and other obstacles to this not isolated. In the press release is to read that no douar or village now is completely isolated from the outside world. The emergency services would continue, with the resources available, be prepared to every citizen who comes from this by the cold to help affected areas.

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