' Zero Mika'-legislation brings all 2.7 million dirham in fines in State coffers

But the fight is far from over.

Since July about is the ' Zero Mika' legislation in force in Morocco. It is part of the environmental measures that among other things are taken during the COP22-climate Congress in Marrakech. In practice it means that the Ministry of trade, Industry and investment to ensure that there is no place of production or import for the environmentally harmful plastic bags. These were formerly much used in retail, the well-known black plastic bag in the Moroccan street scene. Since the introduction of this law is strictly enforced.

Known is now, in the person of the Minister of the relevant Department H Aaa, that since July for as many as 2.7 million dirham in fines is imposed. This amount arises from the monitors of 1536 manufacturers and has led to over 1000 legal cases. There is 135 tons of illegally-produced plastic bags confiscated. In order for the consumer to make his/her messages possible et cetera to be worn there in recent months some 28 producers of paper bags have been added. The production capacity of the whole sector now extends to about 4.6 billion bags together on an annual basis.

With the number of seizures is passed both France as Spain Morocco in the fight against the illegal production of polluting plastic bags.

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