Us website: ' Rabat one of the best cities for street art '

For the street artist would Rabat one of the better cities are to display their arts.

A very surprising assessment of the American kunstwatcher Artsy. In addition to Marrakech, Fes and Casablanca Rabat would be the city where the street artist gets the most appreciation for his work. Some artists agree this in the article of Artsy. So there would be enough space to be provided in the form of bare walls that may be modified and there is a nice variety of religious and non-religious art. In addition, the Organization of the Jidar Art Festival thousands of street artists from all over the world could come together in the capital.

What also plays a large role in this assessment is that very quickly visible, in the form of positive feedback, what impact can have on a neighborhood street art. Moroccans are there according to some artists in the article to known token of appreciation to their work. With the Organization of the aforementioned event is paved the way for even more artistic expresse in the city. is an independant International website which aims to art all over the world available to anyone with an internet connection.