Morocco put out Belgian without valid residence permit

The local authorities of the city of Settat decided to a Belgian who illegally stayed in Morocco. The Belgian had no valid Moroccan visa or residence permit.

Al Massae today reports that the Belgian in question 30 years old is illegal in Morocco and stayed since 2012, the year in which they came within Moroccan territory.The woman lived in a number of places including Moroccan Rabat, Agadir and Casablanca, before opting for Settat. The newspaper reports that they in all of these cities had long interviews with young people, but the nature of these calls is not specified.For the expulsion, the Belgian was arrested in a cafe where she was in the company of a number of young Moroccans. During control of the passport by police showed the irregularity of her situation. The expulsion was decided by the Public Ministry of Setta.This is not the first time that such a decision is taken against foreigners. Just for this case had the same public prosecutor in Settat made the decision to an American woman, who had entered the country in 2015, to send back to her country.

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