Careem sports attacked by taxi drivers in Casablanca (video)

Several taxi drivers have in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a driver of the transportation service VTC Careem mistreated in Casablanca.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, several directors of the Red taxis in Casablanca a young woman who works for the transport service VTC Careem cornered. They attacked her to whereby they injury and the car damaged.It succeeds the young woman to her colleagues warn that they are in danger. They came immediately to the victim and took her to the police to report before taking her to the hospital for the necessary treatment.In this video, which was widely shared through social media, gives a native comment on the facts on the place where the attack took place.The young woman was injured to different body parts and h24info advises that it has sustained a broken leg.[video = youtube; qjkpMw9QaZc] v = qjkpMw9QaZc [/video]