Wilders criticizes exclusion by others

PVV leader Geert Wilders will find it ' undemocratic and an insult to millions of voters ' as his party is excluded from the formation of a coalition after the elections. Wilders responded this Tuesday on statements made by most Parties to the PVV.

The PVV leader said myself ready to collaborate with others. It finds that winners of the elections always should have the opportunity to participate in a Cabinet. "That lot, suppose that the PVV is, also with other parties should cooperate and concessions will have to do, that speaks for itself. But a party exclude in advance and millions of voters, is undemocratic. "

The people have that according to him in your own hands. "The bigger a party gets, the harder it will be to ignore," said Wilders. He finds that the PVV of tolerance during the period of the first cabinet Rutte already has shown that compromises with him.

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