American petition to Trump-video Lubach

The item from Sunday with Larry in which Netherlands is supposedly proposing to president Donald Trump of the United States has led to a petition in America. The initiator wants the White House seriously whether Netherlands after America in second place.

The petition stands on a special website of the White House in which ordinary citizens can submit such requests. When 100,000 people sign the petition within one month, the request is recognized by the U.S. Government and remain at that with a response.

"Netherlands has in the context of the first new us initiatives requested simply to come in second place", stands in the motivation of the petition, which since Tuesday online. "No one is in second place and the Netherlands has asked nicely before anyone else did," said the promoter. "We'll make them great too. We can do it. "

The video goes all over the world since Monday. The movie is on Facebook for more than 41 million views and nearly a million times shared. The actual number is probably much higher. Many international media spent there Tuesday attention to in their categories.For those who had seen the video yet, this is here:[video = youtube; j-xxis7hDOE] v = j-xxis7hDOE [/video]