Noteworthy: CIA documents reveal murder plan Gaddafi on King Hassan II

Bleak data from recently revealed CIA papers!

From released CIA documents can be read that the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi no warm feelings on loved when it comes to the King of Morocco. At the time, engaged in a time of political tension in several Arab and African countries, the Libyan leader takes monarchs in the Arab world. Gaddafi mentioned the late King Hassan II and the Prince of Jordan, Hussein, crazies who suffered from mental illnesses. It is known that Gaddafi himself at the time saw as the example in the period that several revolutions occurred in the Arab world.

The tension was already all the way to cut it when the Polisario movement the Moroccan Sahara occupied. Common knowledge was that Gaddafi supported them by financial contributions and the occupiers of weapons to help. Gaddafi moved that not support. In fact he let out openly about the support to Polisario. At the same time, he acknowledged that it was absurd that those people were not in resistance against the regime of King Hassan II. This problem seemed to be taken away when both parties, Morocco and Libya, were about to sign a declaration in which the Libyans indicated to stop the arms support to Polisario.

The United States had interests at the Gaddafi regime, including oil extraction, had to have nothing of this agreement and Morocco had not recommended to draw it. Hassan II in turn left on the hypocrisy of the US. He said they opstreken from the billions of oil profits in Libya and that they could pick up their heads to the then still in the country to criticize publicly.

In this whole story Gaddafi would even so far gone that he wanted to kill King Hassan II. The documents brought out by the US intelligence service show that the former leader of Libya here even people for had polled. It would reportedly going to a Palestinian fighter who was called Abu Nadal. In a comment on this information leave a responsible within the CIA know that the time has passed that such documents secret, now it is possible for anyone from the living room to consult them.

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