L: ' In the Moroccan shirt out of my career ' finest moment play (video)

A nice discussion with brand new FC Utrecht acquisition Zakaria Labyad.

Zakaria Labyad is back in the country. FC Utrecht recently strengthened with the transfer wing attacker who saw his contract with Sporting Lisbon earlier dissolved. The next season is also stuck in the international than 3.5 galgenwaard Stadium. On the occasion of the Africa Cup match between Morocco and Ivory Coast of yesterday went FunX reporter Laila Khatiri along at the dribbler.

She asked L to feel with his new club, his period in Portugal and last but not least on 't Moroccan national football team where he not so long ago. About that national football team, he was nice, L indicated that his first minutes in the Moroccan shirt was the most beautiful moment out of his career.

[video = youtube; rcprJpFGzEA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 218 & v = rcprJpFGzEA [/video]

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