Video Contest brings residents of Casablanca closer to their city

' La société de dévelopement local Casablanca Patrimoine ' (SDL) has launched a video contest to the unique beauty of Casablanca.

The contest lasts from 25 January to 20 February and promises a reward of 10,000 dirham and the title "Ami du Patrimoine" ("friend of Heritage") to the winner.The contest entitled "my memories in Casa" is meant to pay tribute to Morocco's leading economic capital. The theme of the contest is designed to highlight the rich heritage of the city and the need for the residents of Casablanca closer to their city.SDL clarified that the purpose behind the contest is to "to increase the awareness of the local community of Casablanca about the diversity of the heritage of the city and its great wealth. It is also designed to the inhabitants of Casablanca to reconcile with their identity and history ".