Southampton coach complains to not release Balding by Moroccan Football Federation

Puel fetches between nose and lip through out to the Moroccan Football Federation.

The Southampton by coach Claude Puel did last night in the EFL Cup by making it to the final at the expense of Liverpool. Did this a few weeks ago that the team without Sofiane Baldwin his call for the Moroccan national team could not answer. The record purchase of the Premier League club reported in the Emirates where he was examined by Federal Hifti Nak, this particular doctor that Baldwin could no longer take part in the tournament.

What was not communicated by the Moroccan Football Federation is that they are still in the race as long as Morocco Ball is for the coveted Cup, Southampton her player not in May. So it seems that Balding can be used now as his trainer strongly indicates that it is not normal that the bond Ball so of games. The keuzeheer also considers that this Ball seems to frustrate.

claude puel
sofiane balding