Turkish musician claims to be father Adele

A singer from Turkey believes that he is the biological father of Adele. According to The Sun wants Mehmet Asar his assertion with a DNA test prove.

He Mehmet says that the mother of Adele met in Bodrum in the summer of 1987, where she was on vacation and he worked as a taxi-driver. When there would be something beautiful blossomed between the two. Penny would even a month longer in have remained to spend more time with Mehmet, but after her departure broke the distance the relationship according to the musician.

The penny would have fallen at the singer when he last year saw the occurrence of Adele at the Grammy's. Then is he going to do research and came across a picture of Penny, which he still recognized. "She wasn't a varicose changed," said Mehmet, who further directions found in the fact that Adeles middle and ring fingers, just like his, are further than average.

The official father of Adele is Marc Evans, with whom the singer a bad band. Marc left the family when Adele was three. As an adult she attempted to restore the relationship. But after her father had sold stories about her to tabloids, explained the singer in front of Vogue that if they would ever again see Marc, they would spit him in the face.

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