2M's program Sabahiyat on the knuckles by regulator

An appropriate response by the Moroccan supervisor after the tutorial to domestic violence to camouflage.

Several months ago there was a lot to do in Morocco to a broadcast of the women's program Sabahiyat. In an episode will be shown openly how women became wounds and bruises as a result of domestic violence could camouflage. The broadcast caused much fuss, it even went so far as to women flocking a petition signed that said that the Moroccan Government had to occur since there is a total of exaggerated picture of domestic violence as a result.

Soon after the incident went viral in the country came transmitter 2 m with a press release on Facebook. Excuses were made about the fact that the broadcast does not suit the size of the domestic violence in Morocco. What contributed to the fuss was that the episode a few days before the UN's international day against women abuse.

Now lets also HACA, Morocco's regulator for radio and television, is stirring by means of a press release. It strongly emphasizes that what is happening in the broadcast was totally does not rhyme with reality in the country. There is also lifted off to the fact that the hosts the demonstration not rejected. There is an enormous amount done in Morocco to this problem, that bet is this way.

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