KLM refuses passengers from seven Islamic countries on the way to US

Airline KLM has Saturday seven passengers who were bound for the United States refused to carry because of the travel ban that president Donald Trump has set up for residents from seven Islamic countries.

"We had them really like to take with me, but it's no use. They come upon arrival in the country, "said a spokeswoman for KLM. The company pays the transport costs of two passengers for their journey back to their starting point. Five other people could previously be warned. From what place the travelers wanted to leave, she could not say.

KLM still don't know what the policy in the future. "We're trying to get clarity on this," said the spokeswoman. Other airlines like EgyptAir and Qatar Airway refused Saturday passengers bound for the US.

Trump certain Friday that people from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria are not welcome in the United States in the coming months.The entry ban for the United States from seven Islamic countries is also true, a so-called green card. That reports a spokeswoman for the US domestic security service Saturday.

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